mp3DirectCut / 1by1 support forum - at (german and english)

Un4seen develompent - The BASS audio library (1by1 needs the 32 bit version, not 64 bit)

Rarewares - Providing free MP3 and AAC codecs ( Lame_enc.dll and libfaad2.dll)

The Lame Project - Free mp3 encoder

The mpg123 Project - Original mpglib and related links


Cut & Fade - Proper cropping of tracks with mp3DirectCut

1by1's HTTP web and streaming server

Smooth transitions and enhanced audio with 1by1

dsp_compwide dsp_compwide

Version 1.6, 2018-12-04

1by1's audio enhancer as DSP plugin for Winamp 2.
Can also be used with other applications that support
Winamp 2 DSP plugins, e.g. ffdshow.

dsp_compwide.dll (23 KB)

mpglib dll

Version 0.92, 2001-11-19. Distributed under LGPL.

Alternative decoding library for 1by1 or mp3DirectCut.
Decodes MPEG Layer III and Layer II.
Only needed if you don't use an mp3 ACM or mp3 Plugin.

mpglib.dll binary (29 KB)
mpglib source code (41 KB, only needed for developing)