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Un4seen develompent
The BASS audio library (1by1 needs the 32 bit version, not 64 bit)

Providing free MP3 and AAC codecs ( Lame_enc.dll and libfaad2.dll)

The Lame Project
Free mp3 encoder

The mpg123 Project
Original mpglib and related links


Cut & Fade - Proper cropping tracks with mp3DirectCut

1by1's HTTP web and streaming server

Smooth transitions and enhanced audio with 1by1

Reviews of mp3DirectCut

argo on betanews: "Excellent tool, fast and intuitive"
jpdujardin on "Very intuitive mp3 cutter"
10basetom on "Wow!" "Funktional ist die Freeware ganz weit vorne"
lazylupo on "Great for removing silence without re-encoding" "extremely simple to use"
findmysoft: "... the easiest way possible"

Reviews of 1by1

completelyfreesoftware: "Fantastic little audio player. Sensational!"
zeltus on betanews: "Simple, fast, does exactly what I need in a player" "Ein wahres Plug-and-Play-Erlebnis"
softpedia: "100 KB of pure surprise" "Bundles plenty of features yet goes easy on your system's resources" "An excellent alternative to other popular audio players"

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