mp3DirectCut and 1by1 is free to use software which is under development since 2000 (mp3DirectCut) and 2001 (1by1). One focus of both programs is to provide smart and fast environments while keeping the usage of system ressources low.

Both programs are still under development, as software is never completely free of bugs and as there is always some need for new features or feature enhancements. mp3DirectCut and 1by1 as well as the bundled documentations, the software descriptions on this site and the html codings are completely written by Martin Pesch.

The homepage informs about the latest software updates, provides informations about new features, error fixings and feature enhancements and brings you to some download locations. Please understand, that the intervals of new releases are completely irregular, because I work on the software in my free time.

I receive e-mail, if the subject line contains "1by1" or "mp3DirectCut", and the complete mail is not larger than 20 KB of size. The request must also be brief and written in german or english. The address can be found in the Contact section of this site. Every regulary arrived mail will be read carefully. An answer cannot be guaranted.

For discussing problems or questions about the software, mpx.net provides the mp3DirectCut / 1by1 support forum. It contains postings in english and german. Before sending an email you should look there if your question already has been answered by someone. Snail mail arrives under